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TLDR: SAIC Motor UK is a subsidiary of the Chinese automaker SAIC Motor. It is involved in automobile engineering and is known for its work on MG and Roewe cars.

SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre, also known as SMTC UK, is a subsidiary of SAIC Motor, a Chinese automaker. It was formed in 2006 when SAIC Motor bought out MG Motor from Nanjing Automobile. The technical centre evolved from the Ricardo 2010 consultancy, which was working with SAIC on developing Roewe models and helping with the production of the Rover KV6 engine in China. In 2007, it formally became SMTC.

SAIC Motor UK is responsible for the development of MG and Roewe cars for SAIC. One of its most well-known developed cars is the MG 6.

SAIC Motor UK is a part of SAIC Motor, which also controls MG Motor UK for sales and distribution. However, SAIC Motor UK operates independently as the technical subsidiary.

SAIC Motor UK is headquartered in Marylebone, London, England. As of 2020, it has 16 employees and reported an operating income of £2.3 million.

SAIC Motor UK is associated with several brands, including MG, Morris, Austin, and Wolseley.

In terms of research and development, SAIC Motor UK has played a major role in the development of MG and Roewe cars for SAIC. Its technical and design centre, located in the MG Motor UK headquarters, has been instrumental in the engineering and design of these vehicles.

In recent years, SAIC Motor UK has faced some challenges, including large-scale redundancies in its technical teams as the company downsized its operations in Longbridge.

Overall, SAIC Motor UK is an important subsidiary of SAIC Motor, contributing to the development and engineering of MG and Roewe cars.

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