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Jet engine

TLDR: Jet engines are like super-powered fans that shoot out hot air to push an aircraft forward.

Jet engines are a type of reaction engine that work by emitting a fast-moving jet of heated gas, usually air, to generate thrust. They are commonly used in aviation and are powered by jet fuel. There are different types of jet engines, including turbojets, turbofans, ramjets, and pulse jets.

In a turbojet engine, air is compressed by a rotating compressor and mixed with fuel. The mixture is then burned in a combustor, creating hot, high-pressure gas. This gas passes through a turbine, which extracts energy to power the compressor, and then exits through a propelling nozzle, creating thrust. Turbojet engines were used in early jet aircraft but are less efficient for subsonic flight.

Turbofan engines, on the other hand, have an additional fan at the front that accelerates air in a duct bypassing the core engine. This design improves efficiency at subsonic speeds and is commonly used in modern jet aircraft for long-distance travel.

Jet engines have evolved over time, with advancements in technology leading to more powerful and efficient engines. The thrust of jet engines has increased significantly, allowing for faster and more reliable air travel. Jet engines have also been adapted for other applications, such as industrial gas turbines and marine powerplants.

In addition to jet engines, there are other types of jet propulsion, including rocket engines and water jets. Rocket engines use stored propellant and do not require atmospheric air, making them suitable for space travel. Water jets, also known as pump-jets, use a jet of water for marine propulsion.

Overall, jet engines are a crucial component of modern aviation and have revolutionized the way we travel by air.

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