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TLDR: A gasket is a mechanical seal that fills the space between two surfaces to prevent leakage. It is made of a deformable material and is used in various applications to create a static seal.

A gasket is like a seal that goes between two objects to keep them from leaking. It's kind of like the rubber ring that goes around the lid of a jar to keep the food inside fresh. But instead of just one ring, a gasket can be made of different materials like rubber, metal, or plastic. It's used in all sorts of machines and engines to make sure that liquids or gases don't leak out.

Gaskets are important because they help create a tight seal between two surfaces that might not fit perfectly together. They can fill in any gaps or irregularities to make sure that nothing can escape. For example, in a car engine, gaskets are used to seal the cylinder head to the engine block, preventing any oil or coolant from leaking out.

There are different types of gaskets depending on the application. Some gaskets are made from sheet materials like rubber or cork, which are cut into the desired shape. Others are made from solid metal and require a lot of compression to create a seal. Spiral-wound gaskets are made by winding metal and filler material together in alternating layers. There are also gaskets that have a metal core coated with a flexible sealant, and gaskets with a corrugated core and a flexible covering layer.

Gaskets can be found in many different industries and applications, from automotive engines to plumbing systems. They are designed to withstand high temperatures, pressures, and chemical exposures. It's important to choose the right gasket material for each application to ensure a proper seal and prevent any leaks.

In summary, a gasket is a mechanical seal that fills the space between two surfaces to prevent leakage. It can be made of different materials and is used in various industries and applications. Gaskets are important for creating a tight seal and preventing leaks in machines and engines.

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