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TLDR: Chains are a series of connected links made of metal that can be used for lifting, pulling, securing, and more. They can be decorative, used for power transfer, security, and even as weapons.

A chain is like a flexible and curved rope made of metal. It is made up of connected pieces called links. Chains can be used for many different purposes, and they come in different designs depending on their use.

Some chains are designed for lifting heavy objects, like when you use a hoist. These chains have links that are shaped like a torus, which makes them flexible in two dimensions. You might also see small chains used as decorative jewelry.

Other chains are designed for transferring power in machines. These chains have links that are designed to mesh with the teeth of sprockets, which are like gears. They are flexible in only one dimension and are commonly used in bicycles and industrial machinery.

Chains can also be used for security and restraint. For example, a bicycle lock is a chain that is used to secure a bike. Chain link fencing is a type of fence that uses vertical wires linked together. And chain mail is a type of armor made of small metal rings linked together.

Chains can also be used for traction, pulling, and lifting. They are used in anchor cables for ships, chain hoists for lifting heavy loads, and even in chainsaws for cutting wood.

In addition to these uses, chains can also be used as weapons, for decoration, and in various other applications.

Overall, chains are versatile tools that can be used in many different ways depending on their design and purpose.

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