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TLDR: Cannons are big guns that shoot projectiles using explosive powder. They have been used throughout history in different parts of the world for various purposes.

Cannons are a type of artillery, which is a fancy word for big guns. They are usually large-caliber guns that launch projectiles using explosive chemical propellant. Before the invention of smokeless powder in the late 19th century, cannons used gunpowder as their primary propellant. Cannons come in different sizes and have different features like range, mobility, rate of fire, and firepower. They were used in various ways on the battlefield, depending on their intended use.

The word "cannon" comes from different languages and means "tube," "cane," or "reed." In modern times, the term "cannon" has fallen out of use and has been replaced by words like "guns" or "artillery." However, there are still some high-caliber automatic weapons that are referred to as "cannons."

The earliest known depictions of cannons appeared in China during the 12th century, but solid evidence of their existence doesn't appear until the 13th century. Cannons were also used in the Middle East and Europe around the same time. They quickly spread to other parts of the world, including India and Korea. Cannons were primarily used as anti-infantry weapons until they were used to breach walls for the first time in Europe in the 14th century. From then on, cannons became important siege weapons and were used in various forms throughout Eurasia.

The term "cannon" is derived from different languages and means "large tube." The word has been used to refer to a gun since the 14th century. The plural forms "cannons" and "cannon" are both correct.

Cannons have a long history and have been used in different parts of the world for various purposes. They played a significant role in warfare and were used in sieges, naval battles, and land battles. Cannons were also used for defensive purposes and were effective in breaking down walls and fortifications. They have evolved over time, with improvements in design and technology.

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