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BA EuroFlyer

TLDR: BA EuroFlyer is a British airline that operates short-haul flights from London Gatwick Airport. It is a subsidiary of British Airways and offers services to various destinations in Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia.

BA EuroFlyer is a subsidiary airline of British Airways, which means it is owned by British Airways. It operates a network of short-haul flights from its base at London Gatwick Airport. The airline uses British Airways' colors, titles, and flight numbers for all its services. BA EuroFlyer is licensed by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority to carry passengers, cargo, and mail on aircraft with 20 or more seats.

In early 2020, British Airways had flights to over 50 destinations from its secondary hub at London Gatwick Airport. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, British Airways suspended operations at Gatwick and consolidated all its flights at London Heathrow Airport. In 2021, British Airways announced its plan to establish a short-haul standalone business at Gatwick, similar to its BA CityFlyer operation at London City Airport. This new business, called BA EuroFlyer, aims to reduce operating costs and better compete with low-cost carriers like easyJet.

BA EuroFlyer started its operations in March 2022, initially using mainline British Airways aircraft. However, it received its Air Operators Certificate in December 2022. The airline plans to operate a fleet of 19 Airbus A320 family aircraft to serve 40 destinations across Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia starting from March 2023.

BA EuroFlyer operates flights to 40 destinations from London Gatwick Airport on behalf of its parent company, British Airways. These destinations include cities in Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Jersey, Malta, Morocco, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey.

The current fleet of BA EuroFlyer consists of 15 aircraft, including 9 Airbus A320-200 and 6 Airbus A321-200. These aircraft were transferred from British Airways to BA EuroFlyer.

For more information, you can visit the BA EuroFlyer website or check out the British Airways Wikipedia page.

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