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Aero Country Airport

TLDR: Aero Country Airport is a privately owned public airport in McKinney, Texas. It serves general aviation purposes and has one runway.

Aero Country Airport is a privately owned public airport located in McKinney, Texas, United States. It is about 4 nautical miles west of the central business district of McKinney. The airport is used primarily for general aviation purposes, which means it is not used by commercial airlines. It does not have an IATA or ICAO designation, which are codes used to identify airports internationally.

The airport is owned by the Aero Country Property Owners Association and serves the city of McKinney. It is situated at an elevation of 765 feet above mean sea level. The airport covers an area of 36 acres and has one runway, designated as Runway 17/35. The runway is 4,352 feet long and has a surface made of asphalt and turf.

In terms of statistics, the airport had approximately 9,000 aircraft operations in the year 2015, with an average of 25 operations per day. All of these operations were related to general aviation. At that time, there were 244 aircraft based at the airport, with the majority being single-engine planes.

The airport has had a few accidents and incidents over the years, including a collision between two aircraft in 2016 that resulted in fatalities. However, overall, Aero Country Airport is a small and relatively safe airport that serves the general aviation community in McKinney.

If you want more information about Aero Country Airport, you can visit their official website. You can also find additional resources and information about the airport on the Federal Aviation Administration website, AirNav, FlightAware, and SkyVector.

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