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ARM Cortex-X4

TLDR: The ARM Cortex-X4 is a high-performance CPU core design developed by Arm. It is part of the X-series of CPU cores that focus on delivering high performance. The Cortex-X4 can be paired with other cores in its family, such as the ARM Cortex-A720 and ARM Cortex-A520, to create a powerful cluster.

The ARM Cortex-X4 is a CPU core model designed by Arm, a company known for its contributions to the development of mobile processors. It was unveiled in TCS23 as the successor to the ARM Cortex-X3. The X-series of CPU cores from Arm are specifically designed to deliver high performance, making them suitable for demanding tasks and applications.

One of the key improvements of the Cortex-X4 over its predecessor, the Cortex-X3, is a 15% peak performance improvement. This means that the Cortex-X4 is capable of delivering faster processing speeds, allowing for smoother and more efficient performance. Additionally, the Cortex-X4 offers a 13% IPC (Instructions Per Cycle) uplift, which means that it can execute instructions more efficiently, further enhancing its overall performance.

In terms of cache, the Cortex-X4 features an L2 cache with a capacity ranging from 512 KiB to 2048 KiB per core. The L2 cache is a type of memory that stores frequently accessed data, allowing for faster access and retrieval. The Cortex-X4 also supports an optional L3 cache with a capacity of up to 32 MiB. The L3 cache is a larger cache that can be shared among multiple cores, further improving performance by reducing memory latency.

The Cortex-X4 is based on the ARMv9-A microarchitecture and supports the ARMv9-A instruction set architecture. The ARMv9-A architecture introduces several enhancements over previous versions, including improved security features and support for advanced technologies like virtualization and confidential computing.

In summary, the ARM Cortex-X4 is a high-performance CPU core designed by Arm. It offers significant improvements in performance and efficiency compared to its predecessor, the Cortex-X3. With its powerful processing capabilities and advanced features, the Cortex-X4 is well-suited for demanding tasks and applications.

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