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ANSI device numbers

TLDR: ANSI Device Numbers are used to identify electrical power devices like relays, circuit breakers, and instruments in electrical power systems and industrial automation.

In the world of electrical power systems and industrial automation, there is a system called ANSI Device Numbers that helps identify different equipment and devices. These numbers are used to label things like relays, circuit breakers, and instruments. They are part of a standard called ANSI/IEEE Standard C37.2, which provides a list of device numbers, their functions, and contact designations.

The purpose of these device numbers is to protect electrical systems and individual components from damage. In the past, each protective function was performed by a separate device, but nowadays, microprocessor-based relays can perform multiple protective functions in one device. The device numbers are still used to indicate which specific functions are performed by a multifunction device.

The ANSI/IEEE C37.2 standard has gone through several revisions since it was first introduced in 1928. It was originally known as the American Institute of Electrical Engineers Standard No. 26.

Here is a list of some of the device numbers and their functions:

  • Device 1: Master Element
  • Device 2: Time-delay Starting or Closing Relay
  • Device 3: Checking or Interlocking Relay, complete Sequence
  • Device 4: Master Protective
  • Device 5: Stopping Device, Emergency Stop Switch
  • Device 6: Starting Circuit Breaker
  • Device 7: Rate of Change Relay
  • Device 8: Control Power Disconnecting Device
  • Device 9: Reversing Device
  • Device 10: Unit Sequence Switch
  • Device 11: Multifunction Device
  • Device 12: Overspeed Device
  • Device 13: Synchronous-Speed Device
  • Device 14: Underspeed Device
  • Device 15: Speed or Frequency Matching Device
  • Device 16: Data Communications Device
  • Device 17: Shunting or Discharge Switch
  • Device 18: Accelerating or Decelerating Device
  • Device 19: Starting-to-Running Transition Contactor
  • Device 20: Electrically-Operated Valve (Solenoid Valve)
  • And many more...

Each device number has a specific function, and these numbers are used in documentation like single-line diagrams or schematics to indicate what each device does.

In addition to the device numbers, there are also acronyms and suffixes used to further describe the devices. For example, the suffix "N" is used to indicate that a device is connected to a neutral wire, and suffixes like "X," "Y," and "Z" are used for auxiliary devices. The suffix "G" can denote a ground or a generator, depending on the context.

So, in summary, ANSI Device Numbers are a way to identify electrical power devices in systems like relays, circuit breakers, and instruments. They help protect the system from damage and are used in documentation to indicate the specific functions of each device.

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